In the field of CNC system SINUMERIK and drives SIMODRIVE we have the following status:  
  SIEMENS partner company  

For machine tools retrofit we are building in the last generation CNC systems. Those CNC systems are modular and made by the reputable German manufacturers, SIEMENS and HEIDENHAIN.

  The SIEMENS is a leader in CNC world market.  
  The SIEMENS  has extraordinary development potential and oriententation.  
  The SIEMENS CNC systems are flexible and reliable.  
  The SIEMENS produces CNC units from the simplest (802S/C and 802D) to most powerfull (828D,840Di and 840D which can control a few dozens of digital axes and spindles).  
  The SIEMENS CNC systems are universal. Thay can control many different types of the machines (milling, turning, grinding etc.) without special hardware adaptation.  

CNC systems from SIEMENS :


    SINUMERIK  802S base line    
    SINUMERIK 802C base line
    SINUMERIK 802D solution line    
    SINUMERIK 840Di solution line
    SINUMERIK 840D solution line    






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The CNC systems from HEIDENHAIN are extremly fast and reliable. They  are very user friendly. The main area of application are CNC milling and turning machines and machining centers.

  CNC systems from HEIDENHAIN :  
    TNC 320    
    TNC i530    






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