In the field of CNC system SINUMERIK and drives SIMODRIVE we have the following status:
SIEMENS partner company


SIMATIC is PLC system we use for the modernization of conventional machine tools as for the other automation tasks.

Connected with operater panels (OP7,OP17,OP170B,OP270,MP270B,MP370) and "touch" panels (TP170B,TP270) SIMATIC PLC systems are basic systems in almost all industries. The most demanded process control systems are completed with SCADA software WinCC.

In this manner, almost all automation tasks can be accomplished.
SIMATIC PLC systems are the heart of Siemens called "totally integrated automation". It is revolutionary new way of combining the worlds of production and process technology. All hardware and software components are integrated in a single system. The components can be connected through different networks such as Profibus, standard industrial Ethernet or AS interface. The completely different subsystems can be connected in one unique system (for instance, EIB subsystem for automation and control of buildings installation, and Profibus subsystem for automation, control and visualization of heating, elevators etc). In this manner, subsystems with totally different topologies make one single system in which information can be exchanged between subsystems over hardware interfaces.
Depending on process complexity we integrate:
SIMATIC S7-200 is compact, low-cost solution for automation tasks in the bottom performance range as a replacement for contactors and timing relays. It is optimized for applications with a low degree of networking and system integration.
Programming package for S7-200 is STEP7-MicroWIN.
SIMATIC S7-300 is modular expandable PLC for system solutions with the focus on production engineering.
It is easy for integration with the other Siemens components (operater panels, "touch" panels etc) and ideal for solving very compex automation tasks.
Programming package for S7-300 is STEP 7.
Application example: Automation of the  metal spinning machine using Simatic S7-300 PLC and OP7 operater panel. 
End user: "Mikron"-Novi Banovci, Serbia and Montenegro
SIMATIC S7-400 is modular PLC platform for system solution in  production  and process engineering.
It is the most powerful PLC system from Siemens offer. It is very fast (execution times and deterministic response times of less  then 0,5ms) and reliable.
Programming package for S7-400 is STEP 7.
PLC systems from OMRON are very reliable and effective. OMRON offers PLC systems for solving automation problems from the easiest to the most complex ones.
Open architecture  makes  them accessible for  unconventional applications.
Programming package for OMRON PLCs is CX programmer.
Application example: System for newspapers counting, data archiving and visualization of printing process. The PLC system used is CPM1A PLC. The special software application for the host PC collected, arhived and visualized  printing process in real time.
End user: "ABC Grafika"-Belgrade,Serbia and Montenegro
Application example: The old and faulty PLC was replaced on the conventional milling machine (plane milling) with new one from KOYO. The new PLC program was written and machine was back into exploitation.
End user: "MINEL Prehrambena oprema"-Banatski Karlovac,Serbia and Montenegro

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