In the field of CNC system SINUMERIK and drives SIMODRIVE we have the following status:

SIEMENS partner company



  The fully digital control system of the SINAMICS converter and encoder technology of the 1FT7 motors fulfill the highest demands in terms of dynamic performance, speed setting range and rotational and positioning accuracy.  
  SINAMICS is a flexible, configurable converter system that is designed to meet the economic, ecological and technical demands made on modern machines. The converter system modular design makes it possible to configure drive system with a virtually unlimited number of axes or main drives.  
  The moduls are primarilydesigned for:  
  1FT6,1FT7 permanently excited synchronous motors (drives for machine tools)  
  1FK6,1FK7 permanently excited synchronous motors (drives for machine tools)  
  1FN1,1FN3 linear motors  
  1PH7 4-pole asynchronous motors with squirrel-cage rotors (spindles for machine tools)  
  Application area:  
  1FT6,1FT7 -high-performance machine tools  
    -machine with high requirements in terms of dynamic performance and precision  
  1FK6,1FK7 -machine tools  
    -robots and manipulators  
    -standard production machines and special machines  
    -auxiliary axes  
  1FN1 -high-speed cutting  
    -non-circular machining  
    -ultra-precision machining  
  1FN3 -high-dynamic and flexible machine tool construction  
    -laser machining  
  1PH7 -complex machining centers and turning machines  
    -special machines  
    -printing industry (single drives for printing units)  
    -rubber,plastic,wire and glass manufacturing  
    -coiler and winder drives etc.  
  SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES (Motion control)  
  The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector control frequency converters are voltage-source DC link converters with fully digital technology and IGBT inverters which, in conjuction with Siemens three phase AC motors, provide high-performance, economical drives for all industrial sectors and applications.The power output of the standard units ranges from 0,55kW to 2300 kW. All internalionally standard supply voltages from 380V to 690V are covered.  
  The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES AFE units are characterized by:  
  -high quality closed-loop control  
  -compact design  
  -freedom from system perturbations, i.e. very favorable overall power factor  
  -commutation failure-protected even in the event of supply dips and power failure  
  -the possibility of reactive power compensation  
  -four quadrant operation  
  MICROMASTER 420/440  
  MICROMASTER 420/440 are frequency and vector converters for asynchronous motors from 0,12kW to 90kW.  
  The main area of application:  
MICROMASTER 420 pumps, fans and conveyor systems.
MICROMASTER 440 crane systems,elevators,packaging industry,food industry etc.
  SIMOREG DC-MASTER are DC convertors for DC motors from 0,7kW to 1550kW.  
  The main area of application:  
  main drives for printing machines, traversing and elevating drives in cranes, in the rubber and paper industry etc.  

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