In the field of CNC system SINUMERIK and drives SIMODRIVE we have the following status:  
  SIEMENS partner company  

  TNC 124 Straight cut control  
  For many machining tasks, a straight cut control with the features offered on the TNC 124 is fully adequate. With the TNC 124, there's no need to write an NC program to perform simple machining tasks. You can move the machine axes either continuously with the axis button, in jog increments with an electronic handwheel, or just enter the target position and then start axis motion with a single keystroke.  
  Further features of the TNC 124 include:  
  -program memory part programs  
  -tool offsets for the radius and length of up to 99 tools  
  -fixed cycles with graphical support for bolt hole circles, linear hole patterns, peck drilling and tapping  
  -RS 232 data interface  
  -connection for an electronic handwheel  

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